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Human-Computer Interaction

Creating possibilities for more humanlike and intelligent interaction between computer and user, by using speech-to-text making speech-to-emotion possible.

Cognition-as-a-Service. Combining domain knowledge with Sentimentics technology creates possibilities to develop smart conversational agents for that domain.

Coaching and Feedback Systems. Giving you the possibility to monitor, interpret and generate intelligent feedback based on unstructured emotional state information of the user.

Interviewing and Screening. Creating possibilities of aquiring information from participants in an unstructured manner, possibly replacing rigid questionnaires. Having the power to accurately interpret unstructured information. Specifically interesting for the domain of psychometric testing.

Customer Support Management. Providing options for 24/7 automated customer service solutions, optimizing current customer support processes, while also measuring product-related customer experience. This results in better, lower cost solutions while automatically generating new valuable analysable information for management.

Humanoid Robot Development. Using the Sentimentics algorithm as an emotion processing module and input variable for humanoid robot models.

Serious Gaming. Being able to create more intelligent and interactive dynamics between user and computer in a serious gaming setting.

(Big) Data and Social Media Analysis

Where accuracy and speed of processing opinions or sentiment about specific topics is of greatest importance.

Human Capital Analysis. Making available new ways of analyzing human capital data sets within your company. Being able to extract important characteristics about your employees like never before.

Brand and Product Monitoring. Giving new opportunities for accurately monitoring how your customers feel about your business and products, creating high value data for evaluation purposes.

Campaign Analysis. Giving you the opportunity to analyse campaign impact on social media, in light of different relevent characteristics.

Competitive Analysis. Monitor and analyse how your competitors are percieved by the public and use this information in your advantage.

Customer Support Management. Using domain knowledge and Sentimentics technology creating possibilities for making automated customer support management systems significantly better.

Security Monitoring. Being able to have automated heuristics warn you and your management team in case of unusual activity on social media on as many different topics related to your business as desired.

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